“Connecting to the Ideologies That Surround Us”: Oral History Stewardship as an Entry Point to Critical Theory in the Undergraduate Classroom

By Charlotte Nunes

In the most recent issue of the Oral History Review, TAVP board member Charlotte Nunes writes about working with TAVP’s oral history collection in the classroom at Southwestern in 2015. Her experience demonstrates the value of providing students with the opportunity to work closely with archival materials and engage in their stewardship. She writes:

“Digitally archiving TAVP oral histories equipped our class to deconstruct the ideologies at play within a single oral history and across an oral history collection. As we engaged with themes of criminal justice and human rights, the archiving process also prepared us to deconstruct values in narrative at large. Our class’s work with the TAVP enabled us to appreciate the unique access into narrators’ perspectives made possible by oral histories. At the same time, we thought critically about the ways in which narratives, both fictional and nonfictional, can advocate particular social, political, and legal values.”

Charlotte is currently the co-director of digital scholarship services at Lafayette College, and we are proud to have her serve on our Board of Directors.