Documentary Film on Racial Segregation in Austin

By Matthew Gossage

TAVP is continuing our work examining the intergenerational impacts of racial violence and trauma by producing a documentary film exploring the roots of Jim Crow racial segregation and its legacies in Austin, Texas and the United States more broadly. The film is being produced by documentary filmmaker Matthew Gossage, who has made several short films on racial and social justice in Austin. Matthew will use archival materials and oral history interviews to connect stories of twentieth century segregation and twenty first century gentrification in Austin.

Matthew is currently working with community groups, researchers, and archivists to gather primary records and documents for pre-production. We look forward to sharing scenes and highlights from the film in the coming months. We’ll also have a crowdfunding campaign for the film in the spring. To find out more, please contact

Image: Early 20th century brochure for Hyde Park neighborhood in the Austin Daily Statesman.
(Austin Restricted: Progressivism, Zoning, Private Racial Covenants, and the Making of an Segregated City, by Elliot M. Tretter for the Institute of Urban Policy Research and Analysis)