Tell Your Story

We aspire to build an inclusive history of the death penalty in Texas and an archive of stories that help us better understand the effects of violent and traumatic events on individuals, families, and communities. We hope to bring together perspectives that may otherwise stay separate and to bring to light stories, experiences, and histories that historically have been silenced. If you would like to share your story with TAVP, please contact us. Even if we can’t conduct an oral history interview with you at this time, we’d love to talk about other ways we can help you share your story with your community.

Intern or Volunteer

As a small nonprofit organization, TAVP depends on committed interns and volunteers to assist us with our research projects and the development and management of our growing digital archive. Most interns and volunteers choose to focus on either oral history research or digital media projects during their time with the project.

Oral history research helps us design new research projects and manage our digital archive. It includes research on oral history theory, ethics, and practice; transcription, audit-editing, and creation of metadata such as abstracts and tables of contents; identification of and interaction with potential narrators; assistance with interview preparation; and analysis of archived materials for the creation of curated projects and the discovery of new areas of research.

Digital media projects also help us manage our digital archive and disseminate archived materials in compelling and creative ways. Such projects require skills in documentary and audiovisual production as well as an interest in digital oral history and new media storytelling. Interns and volunteers can work on a variety of digital media projects, including preparation of audiovisual materials to be submitted to the HRDI archive and the production of podcasts, short audio and video documentaries, and other multimedia projects drawing on archived materials.

We seek to work with individuals who are engaged, empathetic, non-judgmental, and committed to equality and social justice. If you are interested in an internship or volunteering with TAVP, please contact us.

Join our Board of Directors

TAVP welcomes new board members who are interested in helping us further our mission:

“To build an oral history archive that documents the effects of murder and capital punishment in Texas and serves as a resource for public dialogue on alternative ways to prevent and respond to violence.”

Prospective board members should have interests in oral history, law and human rights, psychological trauma studies, secondary and higher education, public history, libraries and museums, new media production, restorative justice, and/or conflict resolution, among other things. They also should have interests in fundraising, event planning, financial management, and public relations. Previous board experience is a plus, but not necessary. If you think you might like to join the TAVP board, please contact us.