Oral Histories

Since 2007, TAVP has documented hundreds of hours of in-depth personal testimonies that reflect a wide array of perspectives and experiences with interpersonal and state violence. Narrators include murder victim survivors; the loved ones of people that have been executed by the state; the loved ones of those that have been killed by police; prosecutors and defense attorneys; judges, jurors, law enforcement and corrections officers; formerly incarcerated people; clergy, activists, and advocates. Our video interviews are hosted by the Human Rights Documentation Initiative (HRDI) at the University of Texas Libraries.

To view a full interview, please click a narrator’s name to open a link to their page at HRDI. Please note that many of these interviews contain descriptions of violence. Although the content itself is not visually graphic, the material may still be upsetting to some viewers. For more specific details about an interview’s content, please refer to its abstract on the HRDI website.


John Holbrook

John Holbrook worked as an investigator with the defense team for James Lee Clark, Jr., who was executed in 2007 for the rape and murder of 17-year old Shari Catherine “Cari” Crews. Holbrook is also a photographer who did a series of photographs of death row prisoners.


Leroy Matthiessen

Bishop Leroy Theodore Matthiesen (1921 – 2010) was the Bishop Emeritus of Amarillo. In this interview he discusses his advocacy on behalf of Johnny Frank Garrett, who was executed in 1992 for the rape and murder of the Sister Tadea Benz.


Ray Hill

Ray Hill is a long-time activist for LGBTQ and prisoners’ rights issues, and he founder of The Prison Show, a radio program that has aired weekly on Houston’s Pacifica radio station KPFT 90.1 FM since 1980.


Vic Feazell

Vic Feazell is a lawyer and former District Attorney for McLennan County, where he prosecuted the Lake Waco Triple Murder cases and investigated the Henry Lee Lucas murders.


Calvin Wilhelm

Calvin Wilhelm served as the jury foreman in Eric Nenno’s capital murder trial in Houston, Harris County, Texas. Nenno was executed in 2008.


Linda Icenhauer-Ramirez

Linda Icenhauer-Ramirez is a criminal defense attorney in Travis County, Texas. Icenhauer-Ramirez has also worked as an attorney in the Ferguson Unit in Huntsville, Texas and for legal aid in Beaumont, Texas.


Iliana Lopez

Iliana López was a high school student in 1996 when her friend, Brandon Shanks, was murdered.


Jude Filler

Jude Filler (1946-2016) was a long-time anti-death penalty activist and close friend of David Lee Powell, who was executed in 2010 for the capital murder of Austin police officer Ralph Ablanedo.


Chris Tritico

Chris Tritico is a criminal defense attorney in Houston, Texas, and has defended several clients charged with capital crimes, including Timothy McVeigh and Eric Nenno.


Jorge Antonio Renaud

Jorge Antonio Renaud is an activist, poet, and advocate for formerly incarcerated people and their families. He is the author of Behind the Walls: A Guide for Families and Friends of Texas Prison Inmates.


Rudolph Williams

Rudolph Williams is a community organizer in Austin, Texas.


Jim Willett

Jim Willett is the former prison warden of the Walls Unit and worked in the Texas prison system in various capacities for forty years. He is currently the Director of the Texas Prison Museum in Huntsville, Texas.


Linda White

Linda White’s daughter, Cathy O’Daniel, was murdered in 1986 by two fifteen-year-old boys. Since her daughter’s death, White has been an outspoken advocate for forgiveness, restorative justice, and victim-offender dialogue.


Roger Wade

Roger Wade is the Public Information Officer for the Travis County Sheriff’s Office. He was a friend of Deputy Keith Ruíz, an officer who died in the line of duty in 2001.


Bob Van Steenburg

Bob Van Steenburg is a retired United States Army Colonel and long-time advocate for the abolition of the death penalty.


Katherine Scardino

Katherine Scardino, a criminal defense attorney in Houston, Texas, has defended roughly forty clients charged with capital crimes.


Gloria Rubac

Gloria Rubac is a long-time anti-death penalty activist who often protests outside the Walls Unit in Huntsville when the state carries out executions.


Mark Pryor

Mark Pryor is crime fiction writer and prosecutor with the Travis County District Attorney’s office.


Sister Helen Prejean

Sister Helen Prejean is a spiritual counselor to death row prisoners. She is the author of Dead Man Walking and The Death of Innocents.


Alan Pogue

Alan Pogue is an award-winning documentary photographer who has documented social justice movements for over four decades.


William Petty

Dr. William Petty was manager of Victims Services at the Austin Police Department.


George Parnham

George Parnham is a criminal defense lawyer practicing in Houston, Texas. He has been representing clients in capital cases since 1970.


Carolyn Mosley

Carolyn Mosley is the mother of Ortralla LuWone Mosley, who was fifteen years old when she was killed at school by her ex-boyfriend. Since her daughter’s murder, Mosley has established a foundation that works to end abusive dating relationships.


Sam Millsap

Mr. Sam Millsap is a former Bexar County District Attorney. Millsap prosecuted Rubén Cantú, who was executed in 1993.


Sean McMurrey

In 2009, Sean McMurrey was a juror in the trial of Albert Segura, who was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.


Debra McCammon

Debra McCammon is the executive director of Hospitality House, which provides complimentary temporary lodging, food, and spiritual counsel to visiting families, friends and other guests of those incarcerated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.


Ruth Marin-Eason

Ruth Marín-Eason of Spring, Texas is the mother of Raul Marín, who was murdered on August 5th, 1998 in San Antonio.


Dennis Longmire

Dennis Longmire is a professor of sociology at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas who conduct a silent, personal prayer vigil outside of “The Walls” Unit of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) during most executions.


Darren Long

Major Darren Long is part of the Command Staff of the Travis County Sheriff’s Office, and was a friend and colleague of Deputy Keith George Ruíz, who died in the line of duty as a part of a SWAT team.


James Lohman

James Lohman is an attorney who has represented clients sentenced to death in Texas, Florida, Louisiana, and Arkansas.


Joe Lawless

Father Joe Lawless is a Catholic priest who has ministered to people who are incarcerated.


Tarsha Jackson

Tarsha Jackson is a community activist for incarcerated juveniles and their families.


Kristin Houlé

Kristin Houlé is the executive director of the Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (TCADP).


Jeff Hood

Reverend Jeff Hood is a Southern Baptist preacher and anti-death-penalty activist. He currently serves on the board of directors of the Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty.


Donna Hogan

Donna Hogan is the mother of LeDuke Woodard, who was murdered in 2004 in Houston.


James C. Harrington

Jim Harrington is a lawyer who founded the Texas Civil Rights Project, and directed the South Texas Project for ten years.


Steve Hall

Steve Hall is the director of StandDown Texas Project, which advocates “a moratorium on executions and a state-sponsored review of Texas’ application of the death penalty.”


Christopher Gunter

Christopher M. Gunter is a lawyer who served as a defense attorney for James Carl Lee Davis, who was executed in 1997, and Kenneth McDuff, who was executed in 1998.


Leon Grizzard

Mr. Leon Grizzard is a criminal defense attorney in Austin, Travis County.


Roy Greenwood

Roy Greenwood is a retired criminal defense lawyer.


Andrew Forsythe

Andrew Forsythe is a criminal defense lawyer in Austin, Travis County, Texas who represented James Carl Lee Davis. Davis was executed in 1997.


Joyce Hazzard Easley

Joyce Easley is the long-time friend and former wife of Charlie Brooks Jr. (also known as Shareef Ahmad Abdul-Rahim) who was executed in 1982. Charlie Brooks, Jr. was the first man to be executed by lethal injection in the United States.


Tina Duroy

Tina Duroy is the sister of James Blake Colburn, who was executed in 2003.


Brother Richard Daly

Brother Richard Daly is an adjunct professor at St. Edward’s University. He directed the Texas Catholic Conference for many years.


Arthur Cárdenas

Captain Arthur (Art) Cárdenas is a member of the Command Staff of the Travis County Sheriff’s Office. He trained Keith G. Ruíz, who was killed the line of duty on February 15, 2001.


Keith Brooks

Keith Brooks is the son of Charlie Brooks, Jr. (also known as Shareef Ahmad Abdul-Rahim), who was executed in 1982. Charlie Brooks, Jr. was the first person to be executed by lethal injection in the United States.


Derrek Brooks

Derrek Brooks is the son of Charlie Brooks, Jr. (also known as Shareef Ahmad Abdul-Rahim), who was executed in 1982. Charlie Brooks, Jr. was the first person to be executed by lethal injection in the United States.


Rais Bhuiyan

Rais Bhuiyan is an immigrant who survived being shot in the face by Mark Stroman on September 21, 2001, as part of a string of killings Stroman claimed were retribution for 9/11. Bhuiyan is a vocal opponent of the death penalty and headed a campaign to save Stroman from execution. Stroman was executed in 2011.


Jamaal Beazley

Jamaal Beazley is the brother of Napoleon Beazley, who was executed in 2002. Beazley’s death sentence and execution sparked international protest in part because he was a juvenile at the time he committed his crime.


Ireland Beazley

Ireland Gene Beazley is the father of Napoleon Beazley, who was executed in 2002. Beazley’s death sentence and execution sparked international protest in part because he was a juvenile at the time he committed his crime.


Roger Barnes

Roger Barnes is a professor of sociology, specializing in the death penalty, at the University of the Incarnate Word.


David Atwood

David Atwood is an anti-death penalty activist.


Scott Atlas

Scott J. Atlas was the habeas defense attorney for Ricardo Aldape Guerra, who was exonerated of capital murder in 1997.


Lee Greenwood

Lee Greenwood is the mother of Joseph Nichols, who was executed on March 7th, 2007.


Edgar Fincher

Edgar Fincher worked as a correctional officer on the Ellis Unit (Death Row) in Walker County, TX from 1989 to 1994. He then went on to work for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) as an internal affairs investigator from 1994-1997 and with the State Jail Division from 1997-1999.


Lori Bible

Lori Bible’s sister, Colleen, was murdered by Kenneth McDuff in Austin, Texas.


Doug Becker

Mr. Douglas Becker is an attorney in Austin who worked in the Attorney General’s office in the early 1980’s, and argued before the Fifth Circuit in landmark prison reform case Ruiz v. Estelle.


A. “Cappy” Eads

Arthur “Cappy” Eads was the former District Attorney in Belton, Texas, for over 30 years.


Tammy Anderson

Tammy Anderson is the mother of Anthony Guy Fuentes, who was executed by the State of Texas on November 17, 2004.


Burnett Clay and Helen Phillips

Burnett Clay is the grandmother and adoptive mother of Keith Bernard Clay, who was executed on March 20, 2003. Helen Phillips is Burnett Clay’s sister.